PT. Maicih Inti Sinergi is a producer of various kinds of Indonesian traditional snacks, which are process, produced, and packed in
modern way and in compliance with operational standard to maintain the taste as well as the quality. The company was established by Reza Nurhilman in 2010, under the name of CV. 29 Synergi and then in 2011, it was renamed to PT. Maicih Inti Sinergi. Now, PT. Maicih Inti Sinergi has transformed into a national enterprise whose operations include production, packing and
distribution of snacks to various agencies and retail businesses throughout Indonesia.

Since 2010, the name of Maicih has been widely known as a pioneer in producing traditional snacks (traditional cassaca chips)
with spicy flavor. The chip has been one of the most favorite snacks throughout Indonesia. In addition to thin and crispy taste,
Maicih offers unique taste with graded level of spiciness, from level 3, 5, to 10. Therefore, the consumers can choose the level of
spiciness they want.

When it comes to marketing system, Maicih adopts direct selling method, in which a “Jendral” is responsible in doing direct selling
to the consumers. Maicih chips are sold by generals, who move from a place to another every day by using a car. The consumers
can identify where the General is on a particular day by means of social network, Twitter @InfoMaicih.

In addition to cassava chips, PT. Maicih Inti Sinergi also produces other favorite snacks, such as Gurilem, Basreng, and Seblak
(original and cheese variants). Made from other selected ingredients, Maicih snacks are produced under modern and hygienic process, and packaged in modern and exclusive packing. This way, it can produce traditional snacks that are able to compete with imported snacks.